A great beginning……

IMG_4429Sharing a quick fun photo of some amazing women I was able to spend a two session beginners class with…..they said they were beginners…AMAZING ONES!  We had one session last month and finished up yesterday…they had some homework and they were over achievers…came to class with more done than asked so they all made it to the final steps to complete the most beautiful  first time quilted projects…..loved these students…. they were so receptive and fun to get to know…..these students will do wonderful with their skills on future projects….Thank you ladies!! Looking forward to what you will do next!

2 thoughts on “A great beginning……

  1. ute0307

    Oh Laura. I am so happy for these students. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you as their teacher. The BEST that there is .he Jersey girls still talk about our Laura:))))) Sending you hugs and love:))))


    1. Hi Ute. So kind of you….I miss you too…I will be needing your snail trail address soon..I am getting caught up on my quilting…. I had 28 in house all at once but getting to yours…please send your physical address to my email (kcunningham@embarqmail.com) so I can ship it to you. I may have some questions as I do your quilt…..are you ladies coming to PA anytime soon….wishing my Jersey girls the best this Holiday Season…😘😘


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