How I have arrived here . . .

After my 1982 graduation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I found myself working in the Commercial Art world.  Shortly after beginning this first career, I met my husband and I left the daily grind of fulltime work as I chose to stay home to raise our two children.  As they grew older, I was able to do freelance artwork.  I then met some friends who enjoyed quilting and that is when things began to connect for me.  During this time, I was teaching Art classes as well as teaching in our local 4-H quilting program.

It was at this point the quilt guild that I currently belong to was formed as the Juniata Valley Quilters Guild.  While most of our guild members work with traditional quilting styles, I found myself leaning more toward the art quilting techniques.  Through opportunities to attend various quilt festivals and learn from internationally known and respected teachers, I broadened my appreciation for new ideas and gained confidence in my own techniques.  I then began entering the competitive world of quilting as well as teaching my techniques.

My first awards . . .

KEEPSAKE QUILTING CHALLENGE – Staff’s Choice winner (2002, 2003, & 2008) and Honorable Mention winner (2005)

HOFFMAN CHALLENGE – 1st Place Sulky Award winner (both 2010 & 2013)

LANCASTER AQS SHOW – 2012 Semifinalist

While I enjoy the thrill of competition, my true passion is sharing what I have learned (and continue to learn) through my teaching opportunities.

Where I am going . . .

I am further developing my free motion quilting techniques as I blend them with ART TECHNIQUES.  As an artist, I am constantly being inspired through nature and how I can combine the ideas into my quilting.  I am currently developing my own original designs in a line of patterns and kits specifically for quilters (more details to follow).  Items will be available for purchase at Hoover’s Bernina Sew LLC (Mifflinburg, PA) where I am currently a member of the teaching faculty.  Quilters have the opportunity to view samples of my techniques and take my ‘in house’ classes at Hoover’s as well as through our outreach program whereas we bring classes/programs and products to you.

Thanks for listening,

Laura A. Cunningham

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:  Sincere thanks go to our son Jonathan for providing the cover photo that he had actually photographed from Cunningham farm property.  Also, much appreciation goes to Mr. Robert St. Clair for his assistance with the initial website setup and to my husband Kevin for his ongoing support and website editing skills.

4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Barb…It was a lot of work as I pretty much set it up myself and had a good friend tweek any errors in settings and whatnot….it finally seemed to be the right time with Kevin’s retirement…we hope to travel to see the country as my teaching destinations increase..I always respected your support.I think this is where I should be in my career,or at least now I’m giving it 100% effort.Thanks for all your support and friendship. I hope to see you soon.

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    1. Thank You! Now seemed to finally be the right time. I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner Christian time escaped me. I hope you are doing well in your pursuits as well. Best Wishes till we see each other again.

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