A wonderful week of Classes


This week was a full one but what a wonderful one.  Monday was a class for the seasonal mantle runner…..students chose patriotic themes as well as holiday themes….

Wednesday’s  class was the Feathers Class ….these students were definitely up for the challenge…👍


Friday’s Class was ruler work  on the Q20 sitdown Longarm machine….a day full of new ideas to use the endless amount of rulers on the market…..students learned various ways to use these rulers…….


Today’s class was one of my favorite technique classes…In this class students learn to transition different filler designs to create a flawless background design…..this technique will enhance any quilt that has negative space to fill….



Thank you to all my students this week…you make my decision to teach such an easy choice……I am so grateful to be able to do what I love……looking forward to sharing many more ideas with you………Laura C.😊😊😊😊…..now back to the sewing machine….




2 thoughts on “A wonderful week of Classes

  1. Mary Ann Wotherspoon

    I totally enjoyed my first class on Saturday on the Q20. Linda and I are from York, and we plan on attending more classes of yours! You are my kind of quilter, love feathers, fillers, whole cloth quilts, etc. We were wondering if you plan on having classes in the spring. We’d love to come in the winter months, but due to the drive there, we would be concerned about driving conditions. We do get the newsletter in the mail so we can see upcoming classes. But I just wanted you to know how much we both enjoyed your class!! AWESOME!! Thank you for being a great instructor….

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    1. Thanks Mary I also enjoyed our time together…I will run my free motion classes every quarter as long as there is interest…the class on Friday was a testament as to why I love to teach and why I love to share my knowledge of quilting techniques. Looking forward to the next time we can spend time in another class.😊😊Laura C.


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