Ready for the New Year……

Sharing the last quilt I finished in 2017…. pieced by good friend Laura Baumgardner …..I also wanted to post that the new class schedule is  now updated till the end of March….. just a few supply lists to add…hope to see past students and looking forward to new ones……..I will be posting a slideshow of some of my favorite quilts of 2017…..soon! Wishing everyone a healthy and safe New Year!!……Be kind!…..IMG_4468

4 thoughts on “Ready for the New Year……

  1. ute0307

    Wow Laura what a wonderful job you did on that quilt. One day you have teach this stupid Jersey girl how to quilt. I am thinking about the Q20 lately. Any thoughts? I do love my Baby Lock for piecing. I could not stand the Bernini 880. But that is because we never got a lesson from our dealer here in Jersey. Another lesson learned. Hopefully we get to visit Leon soon. Ilona is busy babysitting her adorable granddaughter so we are always trapped here:((((((((((((((((. Did you ever get a chance to start thinking about the Wedding Ring quilt???

    I miss you my friend and we are always talking about you(off course in a good way). How is your family? Hopefully you had a nice,blessed Christmas. I wish you all the Best in 2018.

    I love you Hugs the crazy Jersey girl Ute:))) >

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    1. Hi Ute…Wishing the Best for 2018…your quilt is on the frame… hoping you the best for the New Year send me your physical address for shipping to my email… As far as the Q 20 I loved mine but when you quilt 8-10 hours a day…not so healthy for the waistline or hips….more so I was experiencing pain in the wrists and back with my dense quilting…..can load a quilt on the frame in about 15 minutes and then it is all quilting rearranging the quilt on the table….I figured it was healthier to stand than sit….for hours…..we will see…..
      Hugs to my Jersey girls…Laura C.


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